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Dr. Olson is a very warm and caring person who cares a lot about her patients and gives of herself to make sure that they are being treated properly - Kent & Bonnie H.

My suggestion to people, whether you have pain or other health issues, is that chiropractic adjustments make a huge difference - Bob W.

I highly recommend chiropractic now. I am even a patient now, and I was always scared of chiropractors before. I have told all of my friends and family about chiropractic - Nicole P.

In January of 2011, Molly had pain in her hind legs. When August came around, the pain was so severe; she had lost function of her rear legs. She was paralyzed, in terrible pain and completely down in spirit. She couldn’t walk, she couldn’t play, and she couldn’t even go to the bathroom on her own.


When we took her to the vet, we were told that there was a possibility of putting her down. She was on pain medication twice a day, and on steroids that could possibly ruin her kidneys and liver. When she was on steroids she would do better but as soon as she was off of them she would be in severe pain again.


My aunt mentioned that there was chiropractic for dogs. I had never heard of that before. Dr. Sandy the emergency veterinarian had recommended I take Molly to Dr. Olson. I had never been to a chiropractor before, and was always very skeptical about the whole thing.


Dr. Olson is very sweet and compassionate about animals and people. She was very eager to help Molly. She was very confident that she could help her. At first, Molly got a little worse. She was off the steroids, and her hind legs were completely paralyzed, so I had to purchase a dog wheel chair for her. She was getting her adjustments twice a week in her wheel chair. After about 1-2 months she was out of her wheel chair and gaining some feeling back in her legs. She slowly started to walk more then.


Slowly, she was able to scratch herself, sit, and even go out to the bathroom on her own. Within two months of being out of the wheel chair she is now super happy again. She has no pain, and she is off her medication. She is able to run and play with her toys again.


I highly recommend chiropractic now. I am even a patient now, and I was always scared of chiropractors before. I have told all of my friends and family about chiropractic.


I believe in chiropractic now.

-Nicole and Molly Pinto



Dear Dr. Olson-Warford,


When I originally came to you in July of this year, I had been suffering intermittent pain in various parts of my body. The chief problem, however, included my entire left arm from the fingers to shoulder.


Whenever I used my arm I felt pain in my hand, wrist, lower and upper arm. During the three months prior to seeing you, I was receiving half hour sessions from a sports chiropractor without much relief from the pain. This was quite depressing. I finally shared this with a good friend and he told me about you.


Your initial treatment of me was a short activator adjustment early in the morning. You told me you would call me in the evening to see how I was doing. I wondered what I would be able to tell you after just a few short hours of receiving the first adjustment from you. Then it started to happen. Around 2 p.m. I felt the left arm pain begin to subside. By 4 p.m., after months of suffering and hours of treatment, the pain was entirely gone! I was amazed! One quick adjustment from Dr. Olson-Warford had quickly vanquished the pain!


That was the first “miracle” from you. Then, about two weeks ago, I went to gas up my car and clean my windshield. I was not looking forward to this. What for many years had been a simple thing to do, for the past several years have been a painful chore. Now every time I extend my right arm holding the wiper to clean the windshield causes quite a bit of shoulder pain. Until two weeks ago. I took the wiper, extended my arm, and expected to be wincing from the pain. Instead, I suddenly realized there was NO pain! Something I had suffered for around two years had vanished thanks to your care.


Thank you Dr. Debra Olson-Warford. I am looking forward to more ‘miracles’ during your continued treatment of my wonderful wife and me.



Ed Knasin



Dr. Debra Olson-Warford

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